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Josh Lee
I've worked with the stations of Sunrise Broadcasting LLC for 16yrs. I'm a student of marketing and have made my living by offering my advice on how to market all types of different businesses. I've also worked on and help developed many ad campaigns for companies that have had a need to market their product or service on a global level. I tell my clients all the time it's not that I know what to do, it's more that I know what not to do. What makes me different and unique is that I know what trips peoples triggers and what triggers peoples trips. So if you're looking for someone that truly understands what it takes to make your cash register open and close more often then I'm your man. If you're looking for someone who will truly tell you what and how your business is perceived in the minds of consumers, I'm your man. If you're looking for someone to be upfront and honest and tell you exactly what it will take to make your message work, I'm your man. If you're looking for someone to take an order, run your schedule, agree with everything you want to do just because you're the owner, offer no advice and bring no REAL value to the table, I'm not your man. Call my competitors they'll be happy to help.If you have BADVERTISING and want help below are all the ways to reach me.
Office: 910-632-2151
Cell: 910-262-7005

Erika Burns

You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into building your business.  Your advertising should reflect that.  Don’t hire just anyone.  Advertising is KEY to the success of your business.  Don’t accept ads full of clichés.  A cliché is a truth one doesn’t believe.  Rather, hire someone who will create for you a customized campaign fit only for your business.  A campaign that will last you for a long time and bring to you a cohesive concept based on the truth of your business, what you do, the services you provide and what to expect when doing business with you.  I will help show you how to do this with words so powerful that they convince people to do business with you.  Words so powerful, combined with an effective radio schedule, that only your business will be top of mind in your product category with consumers.  I promise to provide you ads unlike any other in the market, accompanied by my experience and honesty.  I know your business is everything to you and your family and that’s why I treat your business as if it’s my own.  If you hire me, we will share successes.  I’m only as good as the businesses that I’ve helped to grow and prosper in the market over the years.  In 2005 I entered the radio industry upon graduating UNCW, and have been a trusted marketing advisor since 2007.  I’m a lady of the South.  Born and raised in Hickory, North Carolina.  But have lived in the Wilmington area since 2003 and I know this market.  Let me show you how effective advertising can be.  “Nothing of worth or weight can be achieved with half a mind, with a faint heart, and with a lame endeavor”.   Issac Barrow

Office:  (910) 632-2131

Kristine Smith

I have been in the advertising industry for 18 years.  I graduated from Manhattanville University with a degree in Organizational Management and had the amazing opportunity to work for J. Walter Thompson directly following.  I moved to North Carolina one year later and have worked in the radio industry since. I love what I do and have had exceptional training and experience with two of the best broadcast companies in the country.

I have four beautiful children and a very supportive husband. One of the most important lessons I have tried to instill in my children is that preparation and planning are key to success.  Zig Ziglar states: "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation".  Meticulous market research, well crafted marketing messages, and knowledge of successful formulas for ad placement are all necessary and what I bring to the table with my experience.

Email me today at with any questions you might have about advertising or call me at (910)632-2119.  I look forward to being a resource for your growing business!

Phone: 910-632-2119
Veronica Banning (Jackson)
Veronica has been working in Sales and Marketing for over 10 years, both in the Hospitality Industry and the Medical Field. She is also active in the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce serving as an Ambassador and a member of The Wilmington Professional Group. Veronica was born and raised on the Family Farm in Mt.Olive, North Carolina, so gardening is her favorite hobby. She has been a Wilmingtonian for 11 years and has a wonderful husband and two great kids. Veronica is a graduate of Coastal Carolina Institute and University of North Carolina at Wilmington.
Veronica’s Motto is: “If my Client doesn’t feel like the most important Client I’ve ever worked for, then I haven’t done my job!”
Phone: 910-632-2140
Holly Shaw
I’ve been enjoying my time with the Sunrise Broadcasting radio cluster for almost 7 years now. I’m a graduate of Bemidji State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Marketing and Broadcast. I am originally from Minnesota, but left over 15 years ago to escape the cold weather. I moved to Wilmington from Ft. Myers, FL after meeting my husband and began my journey in the world of Radio.  I am a mom of two and love spending time with my family. At the beach in the salty air is my favorite place to be.  I love working with people, and most of all, helping hard-working people grow their business. To ensure advertising success, I tell my clients that it’s not about how many people you reach…It’s about how many people you convince. Let’s convince some new people in our market to be a customer of yours! 
Phone: 910-632-2134


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